Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Parked By The Ocean

We left the office about 7:30 this morning and are now parked by the ocean.  It is a clear and sunny day.  Great camping weather.  The Bounder is on a small bluff about 30–40 feet above the water.  Within ten minutes of arriving here we saw a pod of about 6–8 dolphins swim by.  A little later we saw two seals swimming in the surf line.

Yesterday I investigated the broken speedometer.  I disconnected the cable at the transmission.  I hooked a drill to the cable end and spun the cable.  The speedometer worked.  I took the plastic gear out of the transmission and it looked fine.  Nothing seemed to be broken or damaged.  I put it all back together.

Today we drove about a mile with the speedometer working. The motorhome started to shudder and shimmy at 40 to 50 miles an hour.  I mean SCARY SHIMMY.  I pulled off.  No obvious problem anywhere.  I started up again and the speedometer was not working again.

I am guessing the plastic gear popped loose inside the transmission.  I do not know.  These is no problem driving or anything else other than a hot plastic smell. I was going to go back and park the Bounder, but decided just to let this play itself out. 

So, we are at the beach. We had breakfast overlooking the ocean.  Life is good. 

The unusual thing about this trip is that we did not bring any firewood.  We always bring firewood. We have enough for one small fire, but I just did not put it in.


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