Honda generators are quiet. Honda Generators are reliable. You will not go wrong if you choose a Honda Generator for any of your electrical needs.

Honda Generators

Honda Generators Are My Choice Of Power For RVs And Home Use

Do you have a portable gasoline powered generator? If not you should think about getting one for your RV power. My choice and the choice of most people at RV.NET Forum choose Honda generators. Depending on what you do and where you live, it could be a very important thing to have. In a disaster or even just a storm that knocks out power, you will have electricity to run a lot of tools, appliances and lights. You can even run heaters and air conditioners on some of them.

I was just cutting some paneling out in the back of our business. I had two choices. One was to run a long extension cord to the job in the yard. This option is not that good because a long run of extension cord drops the voltage at the tool. Motors tend to burn up quicker when they are run on low voltage. You can find charts on the internet that give the drop in voltage for various lengths and sizes of power cords.

Honda Power

The second choice to bring out your portable Honda generator and fire it up. Let the generator supply the power for your project. No long extension cords. Easy to take to the job site.

Do you camp, go to the beach at night, have an RV, or go fishing at night. Your portable Honda generator can go along with you to supply power for lights and many more things.

My Honda generator is a EU2000i, which generates 2000 watts of power. Buy two of them. Use one to charge your batteries and supply power to your trailer or motorhome. Hook up both of them in parallel and you get twice the power and can run you air conditioner with them. One by itself usually will not run an air conditioner. A good online source for Honda generators is ??? Honda requires you to call a dealer for pricing. That is why you don't see prices online and you may not even see the fact they sell Honda. This is a Honda thing, so ASK if you do not see them advertised online. I used to recommend a low price dealer, but they no longer sell Honda generators.

My favorite generator is the Honda. I once purchase a generator to use at swap meets to power things I was selling. It was so loud and noisy that I sold it at a loss after only a few uses. I purchased a Honda EX 650 to replace the noisy one. Honda generators are known for their quiet operation. They are quiet and reliable.

Be sure you run your generator for at least 1/2 an hour a month. I try to run mine about every two weeks. This keeps the gasoline from drying out and gumming inside the generator. It is also helps to keep it lubricated inside and running at top performance.

The Honda Generator I have is a 2000i and is easy for one person to lift and move. It is slightly heavy but not excessively. Some people want more power to start with. They buy the Honda 3000i. A single 3000i is will run one air conditioner, while the 2000i will not. The trouble with the 3000i is it is very heavy. If lifting and moving it is not a problem for you, then it might be right for you.

Honda GeneratorCheck Pricing here

Below is a picture of a Honda Generator model 3000i mounted on a custom build frame. The frame is welded to the back of a fifth wheel trailer. The guy who has this had a "box" frame made for the generator to sit in. The box is welded to the trailer bumper. He had channel steel welded to the "box" and to the trailer as supports.

As you can see in the picture below he put wheels on the generator so it is easier to move once he takes it off of the trailer. He also made a lock down system to keep the campground thieves from walking away with the generator. Those lock down brackets are mounted on both sides of the generator. Here is Southern California I have heard of a few generators that disappeared in the middle of the night.

Honda mount

While not in use he keeps it covered. While traveling he uses a ratcheting tie down strap to keep the cover on. Honda Cover

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