Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bob & Sharon Are Alive And Well

OK, Bob and Sharon are alive and well. Things are very slow in our business. We are working hard to recover from all that is going on in our lives.

It does not seem like I should be writing a blog about RV camping when we have not moved the Bounder in over a year.

Like many problems in life, this one revolves around money or should I say lack of money. Once we had to move out of the warehouse and rent a place to live our expenses went up of $9,600 a year. This has made our budget a non-budget. Stress is a big part of our monthly lives.

So, the blog is going to lie mainly dormant. Once in a while I may post to it, but it will not be very often.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Roller Coaster Ride

We make some good sales on Ebay and then we do nothing. Our business is like a roller coaster ride. Scary at times and thrilling at other times. I really need to get this situation leveled out and constant.

Yesterday we made almost a week’s income. Today we may make nothing. This is not the way to run a railroad. However in the last couple weeks or so we have been doing things slightly differently, so maybe we will get a small change and then build on that.

Our rental house has been up for sale since January. It started at $635,000 on the internet. The first flyer the owner put on the for sale sign said $625,000. This week the price is down to $575,00. No one has made an appointment to see the house yet. Well, one person did, but they never showed up. If this house sells this year, the owner will be lucky. She is having another open house on the 22nd of this month. More strangers walking through our home. I love it -- NOT!

I still think housing prices are outrageous. Rents are ridiculous. It is amazing what drives prices to the point that the typical worker has a very hard time affording a place to work. In our area, even doctors have a hard time buying a house and if they find it difficult on their income, what does the blue collar worker do?

When I bought brand new my house in 1968 it cost less than 3 time my yearly salary. My Salary then was only $8500 a year and my home cost $21,100 for a nice 3 bedroom home. In our current area that means an equivalent salary would be about $200,000 a year to afford our median priced house that is over $600,000. Wages sure do not match property price increases.

At those kinds of prices for housing it makes sense to buy a nice big 5th wheel RV, park it in a year round residence RV park for $250 to $500 a month rent and live there. I think RVs are a very good idea for homes for many people in the future.


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