Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Partly Cloudy Weather For Camping

I just checked the weather forecast for Saturday through Monday and we will have partly cloudy weather for camping.  That is fine, so the plan is to go camping this weekend after we return from Los Angeles on Saturday.

Which just reminded me, I need to print my check list for packing the Bounder.  DONE!  That check list sure is a great way to be sure we do not forget anything.  Have you created one on your computer you print up each time?  If not, I highly recommend it.

The one thing to be sure of when you use a checklist, DO NOT check off items until they are in the RV.  We have had a problem with items being checked of BEFORE they were loaded and then left.

Tonight I will dump our tanks using our Sewer Solution tank dumper. I really am glad we have this. It means I can dump at home instead of having to go to a dump station.  Click the picture or link to learn more.

Sewer Solution

Ebay is doing quite well for us this month.  I am at 2/3 of what I targeted to earn and still have time to hit my mark.  I love Ebay and the fact it is easy money. Well, fairly easy.  List an item. Either people want it and bid or they do not.  There is some research and techniques in listing, but it is pretty easy. 


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