Friday, June 24, 2005

Camping Plans Changed -- Slightly

We have changed our camping plans by one day. We are going Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I forgot that Tuesday night we have to put out the trash and we have a lot since we have been working in the warehouse. I can’t trust the business next door to do it. They usually forget to put out their own trash.

One nice thing about working for yourself is that your can be more flexible with days off. It is easy to work the weekend and take of during the week. Here in Southern California, that is important, since most campgrounds are full on the week-ends and you need reservations well in advance to a lot all the campgrounds we normally go to. Well, the one we camped at this week is first come first serve, so it is possible to get a site if you get out early enough.

Yes, our trash is getting filled regularly now because we are working on the stuff in the warehouse. I would guess we are averaging getting rid of three boxes of stuff a day. This is old paperwork and old magazines. At one time out business had about 20 file cabinets of manuals, records and other paper work. We are down to 5 file cabinets. In my early internet days I printed everything I found interesting. I still have a lot of that boxed. I am dumping it all.

Do you want to unclutter your life? My advice is, "Do not print most of what you want to save from the internet. The two ways to save cyber information is to either bookmark it or save the page(s) to your computer. If you do print anything, read it then throw it away unless it is an ongoing reference you need. If you are already an organized person, this probably isn’t a problem. If you are disorganized like Sharon and I, you need to take my advice seriously.

I Am Serious! We have too much paperwork.
shredded paper

This is only paper with our personal or business records. It is only paperwork that could be used by someone to recreate my identity. With identity theft rampant these days, I figure the extra time to shred personal and business documents is worth it. HOWEVER, as you can see, we should have got rid of a lot of it LONG LONG AGO. There were also bags and bags of general, unimportant paperwork that we just threw in the trash without shredding. There are still boxes and boxes of it to go through which includes my parent’s, my wife’s mother’s and an aunt’s paperwork.

In the next week or so you may see the blog change. It may not look right or be totally messed up.  I want to “adjust” my blogger template more to my liking.  It may be a smooth transition or it may not.

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