Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mar 16, '05 Maybe It Is Time For A New Starter

I was up about 5:30 this morning and ready to start work by 6:00 BUT, I do not seem to have accomplished anything and it is 8:00 already. I guess I need to get out of the "mini vacation" mode and back into the work mode.

Looking back on the last four and a half days makes me think that we really need to accelerate my liquidation of this warehouse and try to get rid of every thing in less than the two years we decided on. We will keep it at two years, but work a little harder at figuring out how to get it done sooner. Sooner would be a bonus, but the plan will say two years.

The way my Bounder is starting, I am beginning to think there is dead spot in the starter motor. I need to get under the coach and measure voltage as Sharon turns the key. If each time she turned the key, I have voltage, it will indicate NEW STARTER TIME. If not, then I need to do some more troubleshooting. This has been a problem since we got the Bounder a year ago. I guess it is time to fix it once and for all.

Here is Poky yesterday. That was level ground with a small gopher hole until he got busy. Yes, he did see the gopher after he dug down. Or at least saw the dirt coming at him as the gopher tried to plug his tunnel down at the level Poky dug to.

Poky Gopher Hole

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