Saturday, July 16, 2005

Making Steady Progress Toward Full-Timing

Both of our trash barrels are full.  We will have to “borrow”  a little space in the dumpster across the street if it isn’t full today.  Full-timing seems more real all the time.  We are making good progress going through our 2000+ boxes.  We are throwing out lots of stuff and Sharon is making trips to the thrift store to donate the better things. 

What we are getting rid of is personal stuff.  We haven’t even begun to start getting rid of the warehouse full of old business inventory.  This huge task doesn’t seem as big once we have started doing it.  We keep seeing progress and order where chaos reigned. 

There is a single hillside with a huge sand dune next to the beach where we like to park during the day.  That dune is about a football field in length from top to bottom. If you are ambitious you can climb to the top.  I enjoy it when the fog is swirling around it and the mountain it is on.  The dune is also steeper than the picture implies

The Farther to the right the sandier the dune gets
Fog On Dunes

Saturday but not the week end for Sharon and I.  If we want to travel in our RV, we have to work harder and harder to make that dream a reality.  Other than a day off for day camping and an occasional over night camping trip we need to be working as many hours a day as we can.  At this time we are working a minimum of 10 hours a day and sometimes up to 14.  They say, “No rest for the wicked”, so we must be very wicked.  Actually I don’t mind the work since it is working for myself.  I take fewer and shorter breaks and meal breaks than I ever did working for a company. 

This warehouse work and exercise are paying off.  I am down to 218 pounds. That is down from 233 on May 1.  I think I should pay more attention to what I eat and I could be down to 200 pounds very soon.

Speaking of eating. We have made reservations to spend Thanksgiving at Thornhill Broom State Campground.  Another couple from were going there so we decided to join them.  We spent last Thanksgiving at another beach with internet friends.  We had a wonderful BBQ turkey.


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