Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Every day I think I will get more done. Each day I have many things to do and get bogged down and don’t get them done. Maybe taking two days off to go camping on Wednesday and Thursday will be good. Life sure has a way of getting in the way of plans you make. I need to get more organized so that interruptions don’t slow me down as much.

Do you get bogged down with your plans? I even have a white marker board next to my desk that I write the more important things on. RENT is in big words today. Mine needs to be paid by the 7th. Even important things like my rent often get forgotten until the last minute if I don’t write them down. I even have a checklist to go camping. After forgetting things a couple times, the checklist made sense.

Speaking of camping, we will be going out for one night tomorrow. We will leave early and come home late so we get the most out of two days. Part of our days will be parked along the beach. The other part camped at the campground, Leo Carillo State Beach, California.

Beach Wave
OK, camping at the beach in the middle of the week is a hard job, but someone has to do it.

There are 1000 things or more to do for someone to go full-timing. I am finding that if I group things together in twos that means only 500 things to do. Each time I group things together into a group instead of an individual item the tasks seem less overwhelming. I still keep looking at this warehouse and wondering when we will be able to empty it and get on with RVing full time.

I tried to activate my COMMENTS tag in this blog so you could make comments right here, but in the past I modified the blog template and have somehow disabled the ability to add comments and can’t seem to reactivate it. I may have to do a redesign to the whole template before I can get it to work again.


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