Monday, August 21, 2006

Good Monday Morning

If you did not read Friday’s blog entry, I changed my mind.  I will be post three times a week instead of just on Monday.  So, “Good Monday Morning” to you.  I hope you week is off to a good start already. Ours sure feels good.

Our motorhome tanks are both getting full even though we have not gone camping for about three months.The motorhome is parked behind our business.  We use the Bounder as our break room for lunch and dinner everyday.  Dishes get washed, the toilet gets used. 

To empty the tanks we use a “Sewer Solution” and a “Flush King.

The “Sewer Solution” allows us to empty the tanks into any sewer pipe connection or clean out. It uses a garden hose size hose attached to the tank RV and water pressure from another garden hose hooked to a home water faucet. You can also use it a campsites with the various connections it has.  Just click to link to see full detail.

Sewer Solution

The “Flush King” back flushes each tank and get more residue off of the bottoms and sides of the tanks.  The Flush King has a clear section so you can see when the water is running clear and the tanks are almost clean. You can see it at Flush King

Did I tell you our grandson is scheduled to be born on August 30 by c-section?  This will be our third grandchild and first grandson.  Our youngest son and his wife are the proud parents.  We are getting excited.  They are the ones who live in Bear Valley Springs, California which is the gated community I have told you about.

We still do not see any camping in the near future.  That extra $800 a month rent we have to pay now is really putting a crimp in our ability to get out.  We are making more money than we have in a while, but it is all going to the bills and it requires working everyday to keep up. 

Sharon and I are trying to come up with new strategies to solve the month to month aspect of our business.  Everything is doable, but some things take a lot more concentration and thought than others.


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