Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Un-Camping Day To You

We aren’t camping but we still had a great day yesterday.  I enjoyed the down time.  Hey, people just a few miles inland are experiencing temperatures over 100 degrees.  Here at the beach at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon I put on a light long sleeved shirt over my regular shirt when we walked Poky.  It was downright cool.  Remember, I’m the guy you turns the air conditioner on in the car at 7 a.m in the winter.  

About dinner time last night we heard a buzzing sound like a light airplane, but not the same.  Maybe the sound of an ultra-light on steroids.  Sharon ran to the Bounder door and couldn’t find anything until it blocked out the sun momentarily.

Our surprise aircraft — HEY! the moon was in the picture too
Goodyear Blimp

See the moving lights advertising sign?   

No the sky wasn’t quite that blue, but cameras do what they want, not what you want. The Goodyear Blimp parks just south of Los Angeles along one of the local freeways.  You can see it as you drive by if it isn’t flying.  The blimp parked at this station was landing a couple years ago and got out of control and crashed puncturing the skin. It was out of commission for quite a while.  It is good to see it flying again.  It is always a treat when you spot it going by.

Heading on down the coast
Goodyear Blimp

Sharon also saw a jet fly by going to the local military air field.  I posted pictures a while back showing aircraft we saw one day parked at the beach.

We didn’t see any dolphins this trip. That is really unusual, especially when we are parked at the beach all day. We did see a couple seals, or maybe the same seal twice.

Now it is back to working in the warehouse and garages. We certainly are making progress and I can see us being full timing by our goal of January 2007 or maybe sooner if we keep up at this rate. 

I washed the motorhome with one of those long handled scrub brushes before we left on our day camping trip yesterday.  It was very windy and we were parked in a dirt area.  Between the dampness from the ocean and the blowing dust the motorhome was filthy when we got home. I had to rinse the whole coach off. The dirt just poured down the sides. 


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