Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back To Work

We had a great two days off, but now it is back to work.  Time off is good, but there are too many things I want to accomplish to take off too much time.  Every day our goals become clearer and our options seem better.

OH, on the way home yesterday we passed a Titan Toy Hauler.  It was school bus yellow.  Talk about a trailer that stuck out and was easy to find.  I do not think I would want a yellow RV.  Even if I was doing a school bus conversion, I think I would paint it a different color.

On our way to our son’s house we pass the Rexhall RV company in Lancaster, California   Farther up the road is American Carriage which does Prevost conversions   American Carriage currently has a pre-owned 2001 Prevost at a reduced price of only $595,000.  What a bargain.  Any one want to buy me one?  Ha! Ha!

We were in a war zone last night.  You know what it sounds like when the grand finale of a fireworks show goes off.  That is what it sounded like in our city long after the official fireworks displays were over.  I am not kidding.  It went on like that for a long time.  Fireworks in our city and most of the county are illegal.  Ones that fly or go bang are illegal everywhere. 

Last night there were  totally illegal fireworks going off from 8 until well after 11.  There is a $1000 fine for use of any fireworks in our city and local county area.  With enough officers the police could have solve there cities budget for months with all the fines they could have levied.

The morning paper only talked about one house being burned down to to a bottle rocket on the roof.  Not bad considering all the fireworks that were going off. 


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