Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Camping In The Rain -- NOT

We are not camping in the rain this week. Yes, it is raining again today.  It rained yesterday too.  We are getting some things done, but camping is not one of them.  Oh well, we have the whole year ahead of us. 

Sharon and I almost alway camp at least once a month and usually at least one day trip in the Bounder.  The day trips are normally started by filling the propane tank and then heading to the beach.  Because the RV is parked behind out warehouse in a shared fenced yard, we need to get out of here before 8 a.m. when the other business starts work.

For March we had planned on two camping trips. One rally and one local trip. As you know we have been locked out and rained out this time.

Tax time is coming, April 15th.  Did you know that is when we got our Bounder, tax time. Well, we picked it up on April 14th and make our first 150 mile trip on April 16th.  We didn’t waste any time getting going. We had picked it up from the dealer previously and had it less than a day before we found major problems they did not fix.  It took us a month from the time we paid for the motorhome until the day we finally “owned” it.  What a fiasco. 

I read in RV forums and talk with RVers and this seems to be typical of RV dealers.  We are talking about our 1988 RV, but the same type of things go on with the brand new ones too.  Interesting way to run a railroad (old saying).


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