Monday, October 30, 2006

Working Harder

Our business landlord needs to inspect our business for HIS insurance company. He needs to update electrical and comply with the needs of his insurance company. We have been cleaning all weekend in anticipation of his first “inspection”. We are working harder and harder but not getting much return for our efforts. Everyone is making money from our efforts except us. Yes, we are earning money, but we do not get to keep it.

There is something wrong with this and Sharon and I are determined to do something about it. There are just too many opportunities available for us to be in our current position and to stay in it. We need to get out of this warehouse.

I think I told you about Sharon winning a radio contest that include tickets to see the musical play, “A Chorus Line. We went Friday night. The tickets were Orchestra, row J. Very good tickets. Usually when you win tickets on the radio, it is far up in the balcony in the nose bleed section.

A Chorus Line was one of the longest running plays on Broadway. The one we saw was directed by one of the original cast members, Kay Cole. OK, maybe I do not appreciate “art”, but I thought the play was rather boring. I did not even recognize one song in the entire play. I know songs from many Broadway plays, at least recognize them, but none from this one. I am glad we went for the experience, but that style musical is not my cup of tea.

This coming weekend we will go see th play, “Hair”. I will recognize songs from it. OH, and today we are going to see the movie, “Flags of Our Fathers”. All of these tickets are from Sharon’s radio winnings.

I finished the blog and is having problems. It is taking a long time to upload this.


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