Thursday, October 06, 2005

Camping Is Good For The Soul

Getting away from the everyday routine is very nice.  It helps clear the mind and relax the body.  Here I sit at a campground picnic table writing in the shade of mountain. The sun is creeping down the canyon wall on the other side.  This is really nice.

It is warm this morning. It is only eight o’clock and already Sharon is in shorts.  You know it is warm when she wears shorts.

Yesterday’s wind died down so we had a very nice campfire last night.  There was always a breeze.  In fact as I sit here the wind is picking up.

I haven’t checked for cell phone strength yet, so this blog may have to wait until later to get uploaded.  Yes, it has waited until we moved from the campground to the beach.

We saw deer for the first time camping here in Souther California. We see them elsewhere, but this is a first down here.  A doe and her two older fawns.  Poky is excited to see the rabbits and squirrels.

I guess you know we like candlelight dinners.  While out camping it is no different.  We put out the candles outside too.  This adds a bit of fun and romance to an otherwise plain dinner.


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