Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why Become An Internet Marketer?

I am tired of talking about the same thing over and over. I keep saying I want to become an internet marketer.  I got an email that sounded concerned about our ability to make money, enough money with internet marketing.  It got me thinking that I do not explain much, but talk, talk, talk around in circles.

Today I will begin an ongoing presentation of what I am talking about and the different ways I am looking into.  It involves changing from selling on Ebay, to selling digital products to earn an income.

So, why become an internet marketer?

That is an interesting question!  If you have never looked into it or you are a beginner it is also undoubtedly a question you are asking yourself right now. Well, here are several great reasons as to why you should become an Internet Marketer. They may convince you to get started or keep going in this pursuit.

1. Internet Marketing allows you to target a massive audience. In a traditional shop set-up your customers would probably all live in the local area. If you are operating in a niche this would mean that your potential for very high profits was somewhat limited. On the Internet none of this is a problem. The whole of the world that has access to a computer and an internet connection is your target audience. Think about that. There are over 6 billion people in the world. Admittedly not every single one of them has access to an internet connection. However, in comparison to a traditional business your potential number of customers is enormous. This means that getting into a niche is far more viable and can be extremely profitable. Only the internet can offer such possibilities.

2. The start up costs are extremely low. In comparison to a traditional business the cost of setting yourself up in business online is miniscule. With many traditional businesses it can cost an absolute fortune to enter into them. For example you would need a shop, staff, equipment, etc. This means taking out loans which adds a lot of risk if failure occurs. However, in the online world you can spend next to nothing and have yourself ready to go. All you really need is a Website and use one of the many successful ways to make money already established. You can even make money without a website just via the promotion of affiliate programs. The great thing about online business ventures is that if they go wrong they are not going to be anywhere near as financially crippling as traditional businesses could be. Therefore, this gives anyone the freedom to jump in and get started in the great world of online money making!

3. There are an incredible amount of different ways to make money online. There are so many options that you can not fail to find an area where you can put in a bit of work and turn over a really good profit. Just to name a few there are affiliate programs, ebooks, ADSense, freelance article writing, paid for leads programs, Website design, advertising programs, survey participation, advice services, etc. You name it and the internet has got it. What does this mean? It means that without any doubt there is some area on the internet that you can take your talents and your passions and apply them to make yourself some serious cash.

As the facts above illustrate there is tremendous potential in the internet for everyone. However, the learning curve is pretty steep and newbies must have a willingness to learn and an appreciation for the need to provide high quality service in whatever area they decide to target. I hope I have answered, “Why become an internet marketer” enough to get you intrigued.

For an example of one woman’ exciting adventure in internet marketing read about Holly Mann who has sold over 10,000 copies of her book, “Honest Riches”  Click Here For Holly Mann! I like that idea and I am only looking for $100 a day internet income.  $100 a day REGULARLY will get us out of this warehouse.


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