Monday, March 05, 2007

Working Smarter This Week

Sharon and I are working a little smarter this week. We are changing how we operate slightly. We are not turning on our computers until after 10 o'clock. Instead, we are going into the warehouse and find things to sell. Cleaning them up, testing them and taking their pictures Hopefully changing our operation some will freshen our attitudes

UPDATE: So far the guy has not gotten back to me on the printers I am trying to buy back. I left two phone messages and even had the operator page him at the company. This is a $2191 sale that is slowly going bad. I have already been paid and may have to refund the money.

Actually that would be OK. We sold 9 printers and go the price we wanted for the lot, $250. The buyer only wanted 5 of them and another buyer contacted us saying they wanted the other 4. The first buyer decided he may want the other 4 also. BUT, at first he agreed to sell the 4 back to me, so I put together the other sale.

OH WELL, like I said, I got what I originally wanted.

March and we are going to miss another RV rally. That is really sad. This same rally last year was the last rally we attended. It has almost been a year since we have been camping.

There are more things than our business that need to change.


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