Monday, April 10, 2006

Sometimes You Quit

Today was the first day this month that I exercised. Sometimes you quit something worthwhile for some reason or another.  The secret is to start doing the worthwhile thing again as if you never stopped.

This could apply to losing weight.  If you get off your diet for a day or a month, just start again.  If you stop exercising, like I did, just start again.  That was the first time I went over 3 or 4 days without exercising since May 1, 2005. 

Weight wise, I am still STUCK at 216 (today).  I bounce around 213 to 217.   Maybe it is time to actually get serious about the weight loss.  I know I would feel better to lose 60 pounds and be back down around 155 to 160 where I should be.  My answer is exercise more and eat less.  That is the ultimate diet, “move more, eat less”.

There are other things we stop doing and often do not get back to.  Family outings every Sunday.  Bowling with the kids every Thursday.  Attending an organization meeting regularly.  We drop out of things that “we don’t have time for”.  In reality, we do not not make time for. 

What is in your life that you used to do all the time and enjoyed doing it?  Could you get back to it soon?  Think about it.  Sharon and I added a new dimension to our lives by going camping regularly.  It is amazing, but we DO  have time to camp.  How about you?  Come on!  I know there must be something in your life you quit doing, but would have a lot of fun if you started again.

I know Sharon and I put off too many things UNTIL.  Until we have the money. Until we have more time. Until we get this or that done.  Time is fickle.  You may have a lifetime ahead of you or you make die tomorrow.  We live like there is plenty of time and for most of us there may be.  However, why no live life to the fullest just in case we are not one of the lucky ones.

Think about what you can do to enrich your life this week.  Plan to enhance it this month. Add another dimension to the quality of living. 

Bob!  What’s with this post?  OK, this weekend one of our camping friends came with his wife. She was fine in the beginning of February.  Mid-February she became disoriented.  A trip to the doctor diagnosed brain cancer.  The cancer is eating away her ability the think straight and is making her a semi invalid with need for supervision. 

So, each of us may live another 30 or 50 or more years, but we just never know. Why not evaluate your life and make some plans today.  Take that Caribbean cruise or trip to Hawaii.  Go camping more often.  Hug the kids and tell them you love them EVERY DAY. 



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