Sunday, January 09, 2005

Jan 9, '05 Still POURING rain

It's Sunday morning and California is still getting drenched. In the middle of the night and even now the rain is pummeling our roof so hard you can hear it inside.

Bad news for a local Ventura campground, The "Ventura RV Resort" is in a riverbed and was evacuated late Saturday. This campground has had major flooding in the past with RVs being floated away in the rushing water.

OK, no more commitments on when I'll get pages written. I'm about 75% done with the leaking window page. Life and procrastination get in the way. I have a lot of trouble with getting things done lately. If it's a fire, like the leaking windows, it gets put out. If it isn't HIGH priority, it doesn't get done as fast or does not even get done.

Sharon and I are almost formulating a plan for going full-timing in our motorhome. It includes a lot a dumping inventory. No, not in the trash. It is illegal to dump electronic equipment in the trash. All computers and other electronics including your cell phone have lead in them. That makes them toxic waste and must be recycled. This is especially true for a business. You may get a way with throwing a small TV away in the trash. A business caught doing this is in big trouble. Can you spell "hefty fine" per piece trashed.

This isn't all bad, we just made over $600 scrapping a stack of old network equipment for the aluminum cases, and for the circuit boards for the gold content on them. Almost every computer board, phone board or other electronic board has small amounts of gold plating on connectors, inside of integrated circuits. These board can be sold for up to $60 a pound depending on the gold content. My boards were worth $1.00 and $1.25 a pound.

Here is the project. See my trigger finger is exposed Bob Gold Scrapping

5:00 P.M. The rain stopped long enough to walk our little chihuahua mix dox. He hates the rain. He would rather hold "things" until morning that go out in the rain. Since we have the motorhome and he is a short little dog, we often will take him out back in the pouring rain and put him under the motorhome. Sometimes he does his duty, sometime he just stands there until invited back inside. He got lucky just now and got a real walk.


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