Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Getting Settled and Loving It

We have about 80% of our stuff in our new home. We are getting settled and loving it.  We still have decorative items and clothing to take home.  Maybe the recliner, but it is nice to nap in here at the office.

More excitement here at the warehouse last night.  Our warehouse is up against a long abandoned drive in theater.  On the opposite side of the theater parking is a small, old building housing a donut shop.  I told you about this place a while back.  A customer was murdered there during a holdup.  A few weeks later the shop was robbed again, but now one was hurt. 

Here is the latest problem for them:  I climbed up on top of the Bounder to take this picture.
Donut Shop

They had a fire.  Luckily the place did not burn to the ground.  The story was not in the local paper today, so I do not know anything about it.  They are close to the fire department so response was fast. 



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