Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cleaning Up The Warehouse

Sharon and I are cleaning up an area of the warehouse in hopes of selling OR disposing of some very large office printers.  Now that they are accessible I will plug them in to see if they self test. If they do I will plug them into a computer and fully test them.  There are 12 printers in my initial area.  I will probably list them all in one lot on Ebay.

Regardless of whether they sell or not, they will soon be gone if I have to disassemble the and dump the parts.  We are in a new mode of trying to make room and clear large areas of the warehouse.  The only way we will ever get out of here is by dumping things in lots. 

By clearing large areas we will also have room to work and that will make us more money since we will be able to access things easily.  Our warehouse if like Fibber McGee’s closet or tons of stuff piled and disorganized.  That has to change.

If we are to ever go full timing and if we are even to move on with out life, we have to clear this warehouse.



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