Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lucky Day

Saturday Sharon and I went to a “road show” or our country radio station promoting an event.  It was a grand re-opening of a large strip mall.  It was our lucky day.  We entered the radio station drawing and Sharon won a crystal earring and necklace set from the crystal shop. It set was marked at $110. 

Next I won tickets to a local event, but it is on our granddaughter’s birthday weekend.  I gave the tickets back.  They gave me a different prize, a $15 gift certificate to the Hallmark store.  We bought a cute stuffed animal.  One of those very soft ones with a “push me” button for some happy music.  You know who will get that, little Jessica.

YIKES!  I filled my little compact car with gas this morning.  $3.199 a gallon.  It cost $36.94 and that was not quite a full 14 gallon tank.  I do  not look forward to filling the Bounder tank.  I should fill it before it gets down to half of the 90 gallons and that way it will not be as big of a shock as if I waited for it to get below half.

We are still having difficulty getting the correct work ethic in place to make the added money for the extra rent.  It requires harder work, longer hours and smarter thinking.   We are not quite at all those places yet. We are working at it.  It is important for us to be able to keep camping and going to rallies like we have in the past.


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