Thursday, April 21, 2005

Poppy Trip Big Success

Our poppy trip was a huge success, except we did not see horizon to horizon poppies.  Some years the poppies are beyond belief and others they are just beautiful. Some hillsides were alive with yellow flowers that could be seen for miles.  Other places had purple flowers in abundance. 


Of course the visit with my son, his wife and Jessica were the highlight of the trip.  Jessica just gets cuter each time we see her.  She is crawling all over now and have almost walk. 


I told you we were going to see the big cats at, “The Exotic Feline Breading Compound/Feline Conservation Center”.  Their website is at Feline Compound Site
Here is the first picture.


OK, so I lied a little.  These are kittens my son has at his home.  They are just as cut as can be. HOWEVER, look at this kitten at the Big Cat site Fishing Cat from India. It almost looks like my son’s domestic kitten.

On our trip home we stopped by the Big Cat Compound and it is CLOSED on Wednesdays.  That was a big disappointment.  It was finally cool enough as we drove by to leave Poky in the truck.  We were there during a good time of day with enough time to visit.  CLOSED!!

We headed on toward my other son’s house.  An interesting thing is that we can go down a road we call, “Lions and Tigers and Bears”.  It goes right beside Tippi Hedren’s, “Shambala” which is also a big cat rescue center.  Since my children were small this place has been there.  You can stop by the fence and look down and see the large cats basking in the sun in various enclosures.  Look at their site at Shambala . For only $3000 a couple can spend the night there. You even get a midnight walk and get to meet Tippi.




OK! OK! I lied again. When we got to my son’s house he turned on his new 52 inch wide screen TV and had a program on in high definition TV about beavers. One scene showed a bear after a beaver. I took a picture of that picture.  The lion and tiger were real.


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