Friday, April 29, 2005

Poky Had Surgery Yesterday

As bad as “surgery” sounds it was not a major operation.  He had his rear dew claws removed.  Poky had a loose tooth and needed his teeth cleaned.  He also need his toe nails clipped. We can clip animal nails but Poky freaks when his nails are trimmed, so we do not do it.  When we got to the vet, I checked the tooth and it was gone already. It was a tiny tooth in front of his molars. 

Poky was home by dinner time and he ate like he was famished.  I guess missing breakfast will do that for someone who only eats twice a day.  So far he is leaving the bandages alone.  His teeth are bright and shiny white, and his nails are not as long.  All of this cost $289.

Do you get out enough in your RV?  I look back at the year we have owned the Bounder and we got out quite a few times, but not often enough.  Some months we did not even go out once.  It is relaxing to go camping.  We can camp at a number of places within 30 miles of home.  I really think we should adjust some of our priorities and look into going out more often. 

Life is made up of decisions.  I think that buying an RV is a great decision.  I think and even better decision is making the time to use it more often.  Usually an RV is a major investment regardless of whether your are like us and paid only $10,000 for a motorhome, or you paid $300,000.  It is only relevant to your income what that amount represents.  Why have an great asset like this is you do not get as much pleasure from it as possible. 

Sharon and I find reasons we can not do things.  Maybe it is time to find reasons why we can do things.  We often lie to ourselves and say we have no time or we have no money or we are too busy.  Actually these things are true, but only because we believe they are true.  Change our belief and they change also. As part of this change in belief we are going to the “Strawberry Festival Campout” we talked about in yesterday’s blog.  Originally we were not going because of time, money and already going to a rally the next week-end. 


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