Saturday, July 23, 2005

It Is Acutally Hot Here On The Coast

It is 10:30 a.m. and already it is starting to get hot here.  It may even get over 80 before noon.  WOW!  We are really having a heat wave here.

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We watched a rental movie last night and got to bed at 11.  We slept in until 8:25 this morning.  We don’t sleep that late too often.  It sure shortens the day when you sleep late.

Summer is interesting here on the coast of California.  We can have “hot” days with the temperature over 80 and we can have cold nights when you wear a jacket.  Sharon was talking to friends from inland who came over to our harbor to watch 4th of July fireworks.  They were dressed for their weather and left early because it was so cold at the harbor.  A lot of people who come to the beach in shorts get a little cold sometimes.

Camping at the beach is nice because it doesn’t get too hot, but also it sometime makes sitting around the campfire at night a little uncomfortable.  We often have a breeze or wind along the coast and that changes how long you like to be outside just sitting.  Between wind and cold it can get to the point you just decide to go inside.  HOWEVER, we love it however it is.

Today we will be back out in one of the garages sorting boxes. I wish that was the end of the process. It is only the beginning.  We are getting rid of the obvious stuff. We still have to fine tune and get rid of the majority that is left.  I think the opportunity to travel around the country and see places we have only dreamed about is worth all this effort. Full-timing will be the reward, the pay off for all of this work.



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