Monday, January 09, 2006

Preventaive Maintenance

I am still moving forward with my preventive maintenance schedule.  Yesterday I changed the oil and filter in the Onan Generator.  It should be changed every 150 hours according to the manual.  I have 75 hours on it, but it has been 1 1/2 years since I changed it, so figured it was time to change it regardless of hours. 

Last year I bent my steps and then repaired the bent steps.  Now, they periodically stick partially open.  I have to get under and put grease on all of the hinge points so they move easier. That is today’s job.

Do you check you tire pressure regularly.  In a car you get a flat tire or maybe a blowout that is fairly easy to handle.  Slowing down and getting safely off the road is easier in a car than a 15,000 pound or 20,000 or more pound RV.  It is more important to have you tires at the proper inflation for the weight of the vehicle. 

Yesterday I checked my tire pressure and two were down about 5 pounds.  One of my suspension air bags was also down about 6 pounds. 

Have you had your RV weighed when it is full and ready for a camping trip?  You should do it.  There are many places that have public truck scales. The reason you need to know your weight is so you can properly inflate your tires.  As your vehicle weight goes up, your tires need more air or pressure in them.  Your RV tires might have a notice on the side that tells you proper inflation is 80 to 110 pounds.  How do you know what is “proper inflation”?  You go online to www.your-tire-manuafturers website.  On that site do a search to “inflation chart” or “tire inflation”. I went to the Goodyear tire site and did a search for my tire size and came up with the proper inflation for my weight. YES, I did have my Bounder weighed.



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