Saturday, September 03, 2005

I Wrote Another Two Articles

Yesterday I wrote two more articles, but I need another 30 minutes to spell check, proof read and get Sharon to read them over.  Those articles will go up later today.  If I keep writing and writing, I will get to the point it is second nature and then I will begin to see much better results on the financial end of things.  I also want to get one or two more websites going.  By diversifying my topics there is a better chance of  getting visitors.  If the purpose is to make an income from your an online presence, quantity and diversity are the keys along with quality content.

Poky is very excited about one section of our walk each day. There are baby lizards there.  We call Poky “The Mighty Dragon Slayer” because he tries to catch lizards. We try to hold him back and for sure don’t let him get  to the babies.  We really do not want him to harm a lizard.

The Bounder is crying for another trip out.  I think that after we get the brakes on the rear done we will have to make at least a day trip to the beach. 

I had beer and pizza this week.  I am back up to 212 pounds.  Every time I over-do the eating it becomes a problem.  If I want pizza, I should get one slice at Costco instead of the two medium meat lovers (3 meat) pizza at Pizza Hut.  Of course the order of bread sticks doesn’t count, does it? 

Maybe the overeating is a good thing. It shows me what I can and cannot do.  This is a learning process both mentally and physically.  Each thing I do wrong tell me to find a way to do it right and still be happy with what I do.

Yes, I am still exercising on the exercise  bike every day.  I think that this is the primary key to losing weight. It is what gets me thinking about my eating.  I step off the bike and weigh myself maybe 2 or 3 times a week. It keeps me on track and makes me more aware that what I am doing is wrong when the numbers go up. 



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