Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gas Price Getting You Down?

Are gas prices getting you down? Do you worry about how you will be able to afford RVing with high fuel prices?  Have you even thought about selling your RV?  Take a look at this article, Click Here For Saving For Gas Maybe this article will give you a new perspective.

OK, I said I’d share some recourses with you. I wrote a page on the 4 I am currently using.  HOWEVER, I still need to do some research to finish the page.  There are some free resources for some of them that I will post in the article.  It will be in the blog this week, I will not give a day again. 

I am rushing to finish this so I can walk Poky and then get out back and start the brake job on the Bounder.  That’s a job I have been putting off. I have the heavy duty jack stands and the bottle jack. I need to get it done by the 21st because we leave for another RV rally on the 22nd.  This is getting too close to the deadline.

Yesterday I added two pages to RV Living Magazine. The one above and http://rv-living-magazine.com/rv-covers.html on RV covers. I bought a cover for our Bounder when we bought it, but I have never had the cover out of the box.  Since we use the Bounder daily for our evening meal here at the warehouse, it didn’t make sense to cover it. 


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