Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday Is Just Another Day

Here is it Saturday, "The Weekend", but it does not have a lot of meaning for Sharon and I. When you work for yourself and are not making the big bucks, weekends are just two more work days. That is why we REALLY like to go to RV camping rallies. They are like mini vacations for us.

Sharon and I have not had a vacation since going to Montana and Canada in 1993. In 1994 we had the big Southern California earthquake that affected us. Then in 1995 I was down sized. After that our financial situation went way down and we have been working, working, working ever since.

Having the Bounder Motorhome has given us some freedom we did not have for many years. It forces us to take time off.

Speaking of the Bounder. This weekend I will look into the engine and see if I can find an obvious problem that caused all the back firing and dieseling at the last rally. If I can not find a problem it will go back to the shop that rebuilt the carberator.

I still have the toad brake controller sitting in the box it came in. I also need to install it in the truck. I hope to have a toad for the San Diego Midway Rally next month. Since we are going to Sea World and other places, it would be very handy to drive around town in a truck instead of the motorhome.


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