Sunday, July 10, 2005

We Really Worked Hard Yesterday

Yesterday started at 5:45 and 9 miles on the exercise bike. Next was breakfast and a .7 (7/10) mile walk as we took Poky for his morning walk.  The rest of the day was spent sorting boxes and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.  We quit about 6:45 last night.  I think we really had a productive day and are making headway in a storm.

Are you a “keeper”?  Do you  keep everything and never seem to want to get rid of any thing?  We are that way. We spent our childbearing years as middle class working folks in a middle class neighborhood.  We lived from paycheck to paycheck, seldom getting very far ahead.  If something broke it often got save for parts or disassembled and the parts saved.  For whatever reason we kept all the National Geographics and even bought older years we didn’t have.  We also kept a lot of other magazines.  This is all coming back to haunt us today.

We did this in business also.  We sold used electronic test equipment and used computer equipment.  A broken one was always good for part to repair another one.  When we made money there was not time to mess with the broken stuff, so it just piled up higher and higher. 

I hope this doesn’t sound like you.  If it does and you want to make plans for a change of life in the future, today is the time to start going through stuff and simplifying your life.  It is a lot easier to handle stuff month by month than it is to suddenly need to handle it all at one time.

Of course our full-timing goal is the catalyst for all of this talk.  It is what is the cause of all this action on our part.  We have a goal and a reason to get organized and to de-clutter our lives. 

Tuesday is still day camping day at the beach.  I really look forward to taking that break away from the warehouse.  Maybe the week after we will take a one night camping trip to one of  the local beaches.  This scheduled down time is helping us mentally.  I think it is giving us an extra boost in power to do what we are doing.

Sharon took Poky for his noon walk yesterday. I stayed  here at the warehouse and worked.  She walked by a bush and it had a HUGE swarm of honey bees on it.  I sure am glad they didn’t come this way for their new home.  A little later she drove by there hoping to take a picture, but they were gone by then. Yes, our bees are totally gone now.


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