Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We Keep Moving Forward

When you have a goal of full-timing or any goal, you need forward progress on a regular schedule.  You need to doing the things you know have to be done to reach your destination.  There are steps forward and there are steps backward.  The main thing is that at the end of day or week or month you have moved forward farther than backwards and that you are farther forward this month than you were last month.  I think we are progressive moving forward.

We saw something here we had never seen before.  A grasshopper.  We just don’t have grasshoppers. I guess it must have come into one of the packing houses on a farm truck.  We don’t have many bugs here.  Maybe because the city is surrounded by farm fields and has them in the city as well.  All the spraying must keep the bug population down.  As I have said before, we don’t even have mosquitos, however in the last year we have seen or heard about six or seven of them.

I keep looking on Ebay at the prices that used motorhomes are selling for.  They sure seem to be a lot lower than I would expect in our local area.  I am almost sure that when we are ready to upgrade out coach, it will come from and Ebay ad.

Yes, I’m exercising and thank goodness for it.  With all the eating out we did this month, I could be in trouble, however instead I am down another pound to 209.5  I was stuck in the 210–211 area for a while because of eating out. I think I’m back on track for being at 200 pounds by the Lake San Antonio RV Rally September 23rd through 25th.  I hope some of you have joined me and are getting a little exercise and adjusting your diet just a little.

Yesterday I added more to the RV Living Magazine site:

I think finances are one of the major things holding people back from getting the best of their RV experience.  I know it is a big part of us not going out as often and as far.  I hope to put up a number of pages regarding earning, saving and keeping your money.  The pages may not be great works of literature, but if they trigger action or more research by some of my readers, I will have done what I intended.


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