Sunday, June 05, 2005

Jessica' Party

It was  a beautiful day, for an outdoor party here in Bear Valley Springs.  Jessica's birthday party was at one of the little lakes here.  The lake is surrounded by grass and trees.  Kids could fish for the abundant blue gill.  Of course Jessica was as cute as could be.

Our other granddaughter, Amanda was here too.  She in now walking all over the place.  She even climbs up to the low slide and slides down it.  They sure do grow up fast.

There was a  Bounder motorhome with one slide at the park where Jessica's party was.  It was there  as the base for another party with a lot of kids.  I am not sure I would want  to use my motorhome as the operations center for a party. 

Do you remember that I said this was the very first we camped in our motorhome.  We came up to visit and they have a campground here for guests.  $5 for dry spots and  $20  for hookups, but no dump hookup.  There is a dump station in the campground, but not at any of the spots. 

They do not allow campfires here.  However, since most people "camping" here are visiting friends or relatives, I am guessing a lot of time is spent at their homes, so campfires are not that necessary.

This is a gated community that has one entrance and over 100 miles of roads inside the community.  Homes are on large lots.  They are in a valley with home on the mountains also. There are two lakes, a golf course and country club.  If you own horses, there are plenty of  equestrian trails.  They have their own police force but a very low crime rate.  You  do see cars pulled over for speeding.  They do enforce the 45 to 50 mile an hour speed limit..

I wonder how many private places like this have campgrounds for guests.  With state campgrounds full every weekend,  wouldn't it be nice to have a couple places you could go that had room most of the time?

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