Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Productive Day At The Warehoue

Yesterday was another productive day.  Sharon and I got a lot done.  We worked from morning until night and are starting to see that it is possible to get a handle on all of this stuff.  I’m telling you, if you have any goals you need to reach, even in the distant future, now is the time to start taking small steps to get you there.  All of what we are doing right now should have been done years ago. The sorting and disposing of could have been done any time.  Yes, we always had time to do it, but we never made time.

Our fresh water tank is getting a little low so we need to fill it half full today so we are sure not to run out tomorrow while we are day camped at the beach.  You never know when you are out like that when you just might decide to drive a couple more miles down the coast and camp overnight.  HMmmmmmmmmm!  Maybe I should put some firewood in just in case.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and getting out as often as possible.  One of the things I have finally learned is that you need to get away more often.  Get away can be a drive in your car to the local park for a couple hours just to relax away from home, TV and having to do “something”.  I think that is currently the one thing we don’t do enough of, just get away.  I feel compelled to work and solve our warehouse problem.  Is it possible it would be solved quicker if I was away from it more often? Even away in the car.  A good question for us to think about. 

Did I tell you we have the ideal RVing boat?  A 12 foot Porta-Bote folding boat.  when collapsed it looks like a long surf board and only a little thicker.  I think we need to get it out and take a ride in the local harbor.  That would certainly be a nice outing.  That goes along with getting out more.  I mean it’s summer time. What better time to be out boating. PLUS, there is a nice fish and chips place in the harbor we can stop for lunch or dinner.




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