Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Getting Things Done In Winter

Getting things done in winter can be a challenge.  When it is cold outside, it is harder for me to work.  I can work hard, all day long, in the summer time.  In the winter I want jobs I can do inside where it is warmer.  Luckily, when I talk about cold, it is not what many are talking about.  Our cold is warm weather in many places. 

I’ve been trying to get out and change the oil in the Bounder and have been putting it off.  I am just over 3000 miles and need to get it done some time soon.  Thinking about some outside tasks on the motorhome is what had me thinking about working in the cold. 

Sometime in the near future I need to wash the RV also.  A 34 foot motorhome is a lot of washing.  I use an extension pole with a brush on it and a bucket of soapy water.  It goes pretty fast to get the surface dirt off.  I need more cleaning to get any bugs and black streaks off.

Before the end of the week I should get another pallet of firewood.  I need to get it now so I will be sure to have it for the end of the year campout.  Who knows when they might not have any for sale.  I might go next week and they will be sold out. 


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