Thursday, September 01, 2005

Health Insuracne At Home and RVing

I just wrote my first article regarding health insurance.  It is what I hope will be a series relating to health.  You can find it at . It doesn’t off all the answers, but it give you a starting point.  I will research health savings plans and more in the future and talk about those also.

Yesterday on CNN, I read that gas will probably exceed $4 a gallon.  This is an important factor for our day to day lives, but even more important if you are driving or pulling a large home with you.  My Bounder gets between 4 and 5.8 miles per gallon.  I have to make the decision, “What  is more important”?  It has to be made in many areas of our finances.  I will not give up RVing.  So, I’ll figure out where to get the gas money.  I may not travel as far as I’d like to, but there are nice places to camp close to home. 

How about you?  Can you find the ways to keep enjoying your RVing experience and at the same time stay within you budget and finances?  It is time to get creative.  For me that mean more and more web-pages will be written.  Each page represents potential income today and in the future.  Each page represents a little more gas in my tank.

Two of our biggest problems in life seem to be, “I don’t have time” and “I can’t afford it”.  Both are true or not true.  You can make the time or you can get the money.  The question is how much are willing to give up here to get there?  With higher fuel prices, everything else goes up in price. It cost more to make things, it costs more to deliver truck loads of goods.  The trickle down effect means we need to be creative to keep up our current lifestyle.  Today is the time to think about this, not six month from now when it is becoming a problem for you.

One of my solutions that is now swirling in my head is to upgrade my RV to a more fuel efficient model sooner than I planned.  Get a fuel injected gas engine instead of a carburated one.  I plan to watch the local sales paper, The Recycler. The Recycler is online at .  I am going to watch how many RVs show up and what the prices are.  I may offer a huge amount less than the asking price and see if there are any takers.  I will also watch the prices on Ebay.  It is possible that gas prices are going to scare a lot of people out of RVing.  OH BOY!  I hope you aren’t one of them


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