Saturday, July 29, 2006

Free Oil Change

Our business van we use for hauling inventory is a 1999 GMC cargo van.  One of our local GMC dealer is offering a free oil change on any GMC vehicle. We took advantage of that today.  NO catches, not sales pitch, just a free oil change.  I like that.

The last oil change on our little Chevy Cavalier was $28.  I think since we are on a budget, I am going to start changing my own oil again.  For under $10 it will be worth it. 

I have often said that one of my goals in life is to never work on a car again, even oil changes.  OH WELL!  There are times when you just have to do what you have to do to make ends meet.  I was already doing the oil changes in the motorhome.  I think an oil change in our 5 or 6 quart gasser engine was $85 at Camping World.  I never price it locally.

It has been cloudy today and the temperature is down. Even the warehouse is a little cooler.  I looked over toward the beach and it might even be foggy right on the coast or just offshore. 

Yesterday I call my cousin who lives in San Bernardino County and she said it was really hot over there.  Sharon and I  are both thankful that we moved to the coast and are a lot cooler.  It also helps our budget not to have to spend huge amounts on electricity for cooling. 

While at the GMC dealer we looked at a GMC Denali.  $54,000 and change.  I could have bought 2 of my 3 bedroom houses,  3 Chevy Impala Convertibles and had money left over to go to Hawaii with that amount of money back when I bought our house in 1968. 

Times sure have changed!


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