Sunday, September 25, 2005

Late Getting The Blog Out

I got up late and was out socializing with our rally friends before they all left for home.  The last one left left about 5 o’clock this evening.  This has been a great weekend.  If you have never been to a rally, you should should go to and see if there are any rallies in your area.  These are informal rallies. Ours had 22 rigs.  Great people, good food and lots of fun.

Yesterday we saw a bob cat.  A bit late someone saw the bob cat catch a squirrel.  When we saw it, it was heading into the bushes to eat.

There are California quail in camp tonight.  I also saw another tarantula.  It is fun to see the deer, turkeys and raccoons. This place has been terrific.  We are staying one extra night here.  Another couple was going to stay so we reserved an extra night, but they left so we are here by ourselves.  This is nice too.

Right now we have a fire going in the big group fire pit. There was plenty of firewood left over.  Dinner will be left over tri-tip from last night’s BBQ.  They made more tri-tip than we could have eaten in two meal.  Add that to all the pot luck dinner fixings and it was a huge meal.



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