Wednesday, January 04, 2006

RV Preventative Maintenance

A RV is a massive vehicle that bounces down the road. It twists, turns and shimmies more than an automobile.  Many problems  happen in the electrical system because there is more electrical system for things to go wrong in.  Because of these things, RV preventive maintenance will save you money and grief down the road one day. 

I talked about the loose bolts in my air conditioner yesterday and how having that knowledge helped another RVer in the rain.  Between now an the next time you take you RV out maybe a few checks should be done.  You may know more than I do, but here are some I can think of at the moment:

This isn’t meant to be an all inclusive list of  preventive maintenance items.  It is meant to get you thinking about some things you may need to do to your RV.  When a car breaks down, you are often within 50 miles of home.  When an RV breaks down you may be a lot farther away.  Taking care of things today many prevent a breakdown tomorrow.


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