Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Need To Go Camping

I think I am addicted. I need to go camping.  One week from today we will be heading out for Thornhill Broom on the beach again.  I can hardly wait.  We will spend Thanksgiving there with friends.  This will be our second year owning a motorhome and our second year having Thanksgivings camping at the beach.

How do all the people in snow country stand having their RVs “winterized” and stored away until spring?  That must be pure agony.  I would love to spend on season with Sharon in a place where it gets a lot of snow.  ONE SEASON.  Sharon has never lived in the snow. I have.  I don’t miss it, but would love to share a winter in the snow with her.

I told you someone was killed a couple blocks from here yesterday.  If we stood on top of our Bounder, we could see a store where another person was killed  on Saturday.  Two shootings in one weekend here.  That is five murders very close to us in the last 2 -3 years.  Scary town we live in.  Of course, a lot of places are worse to live in than they were long ago. 

The picture I showed you of the parade was really nice when I printed it on 13x19 inch paper. I took it over to the church and gave it to them.  Little things like that make me feel good.  It is nice when you can do small things for others.

OOPS! I need to cut this short we are about ready to leave for our FREE day at Knott’s Berry Farm.  I told you about Veterans getting in for free.  Sharon says it will be in the high 80’s there today. It should be a very nice day.


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