Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gold, Silver And Bronze

The Olympics are in full swing and we are looking at TV once again.  If you follow my blog, you know that we normally do not watch TV.  It only gets turned on for very special occasions or important news.  The last time it was on was The Rose Parade and before that news on hurricane Katrina. 

I am amazed at the newscasters blow by blow descriptions.  “WOW!  Fantastic, beautiful and very nice”  That person/couple does poorly with the judges.  “OH, that will cost them. Not good on that turn”  etc etc etc and that person/couple is in first place.  Part of the time my back is to the TV and I only hear what is going on.  Do these commentators know anything about the sport they are talking about? 

Speed skating was one they could not mess up too badly.  In that case you are either in front or you are not. 

Anyway, it is interesting.  It is also telling me why I glad we normally have the TV turned off.  It is very easy to spend all evening watching TV.  Actually, you can even add all day to that also.  Don’t get me wrong, I like TV and a lot of programs on it.  The problem is that I lose a lot of my life sitting in front of that glass screen paying the salary of someone making good money already. 

Yes, a TV watcher pays the salary of the actors.  You watch, they show commercials, you buy products.  Sponsored product pays network, network pays actors.  The only reason they present a  “free” show is so you will buy, buy, buy. 


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