Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pack The Motorhome To Go Camping

Today we will pack the motorhome to go camping at Leo Carillo State Beach Campground.  I need to pack firewood.  I put it in large heavy duty plastic bags.  Sharon is sewing some upholsty material bags from some material we have. I packed the material away and don’t know where.  That project is on hold, so we will stick with the plastic bags a while.

I just turned on the computer and will print out our “Check List” for packing for camping.  Do you  have one. After forgetting some things I make sure to print one out each time we are getting ready to go camping.  Check out our article on our check list at RV Packing Check List.

Since we are working on Internet Marketing more seriously right now, I will take some of my study materials along with us.  Things are becoming much clearer in my mind now that I am writing things down again.  Having things on paper sure helps me focus better. Between Ebay and internet marketing I really believe we are on the right track

For a long time Sharon and I have been seeking directions to go.  Ebay was a major “fix” in our lives.  It literally saved us financially.  Ebay requires selling a physical product.  We can still do that and plan to continue Ebay sales for a while.  However, we could like to go full timing and have a digital product(s) which mean we don’t have to carry any inventory.



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