Friday, November 17, 2006

Our Plans Are Starting To Gell

Getting organized is our most difficult challenge.  We have tried getting on top of our goals in the past and we are often stymied by the overwhelming sense of mountains to move.  Our plans are starting to gell and we are realizing we can only accomplish our goals one step at a time. 

Our biggest need is to have a schedule and stick to it.  We need to spend a few hours working at organizing our warehouse to the point we can see how to dispose of its contents while at the same time earning a living from those same contents.  We need to earn the income by selling on Ebay.  Ebay is our prime source of income.  To keep up we need to earn $3000 a month with our Ebay sales. 

The third part of our plan is to replace the Ebay sales income with internet marketing income.  IM means selling space on websites for advertising.  There are various ways of doing that.  Selling digital products is another way.  A digital product is simply one the is downloaded from the internet instead of being a physical product.  Books, computer programs, reports, newsletter and other products that can be downloaded are all part of this method of earning money.

Sharon and I have made up to $300 a month with internet marketing. It has dropped to about $150 a month because I have been ignoring IM and concentrating on what we do best, selling on Ebay.

When we slowly (or quickly) increase our IM income to the point it matches our Ebay income, we can call a scrap dealer in and have them empty the warehouse without having to worry about the value of items and their potential for earning our living. 

Actually there are digital product I could sell on Ebay.  That is another possibility. However most digital products do not sell for much on Ebay. What might sell for $20 or $50 on a website, might only sell for $10 on Ebay.  OR it could sell for $60 if it was the right product.  Most people in IM consider Ebay as a poor choice for sales except in limited circumstances.


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