Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fourth Of July Weekend

Happy 4th Weekend.  I hope you all have a great holiday.  We will be going to granddaughter, Jessica’s house for the Weekend.  Well we will leave Sunday and return on Tuesday.  Today I have to do banking, and things that didn’t get done while we were camping, like pay the rent on the warehouse.

The Bounder ran pretty good, BUT there was a putting sound coming from what sounded like the left exhaust.  The dieseling is back again.  Like I have said, ever since others have worked on my motorhome engine, I have had ongoing problems of one kind or another.

How did you like the “accident”?  WOW! They sure spend a lot of money making a video like that.  All of the people. All of the equipment.  Then the permits and other expenses.  They played a song very loud during the scene. The song that was playing during the filming is the song that automatically starts when you visit this website Cold Band Song

Sharon and I are into country music now, but the song on that site is one that we might listen to if we were “channel hopping” on the radio. 

The parrots were eating tiny berries in a tree over our motorhome while we were camping.  We have some small purple stains on the carpet where we tracked in berries.  It is time to get our Bissel cleaner out and do some rug cleaning in the motorhome.

I bought a small steam cleaner at Harbor Freight, but I find that thing is almost useless.  This is a small unit a little smaller than a canister vacuum cleaner.  I tried engine cleaning. I tried wheel rim cleaning. I tried entry steps cleaning in the motorhome.  I tried getting tar off my shoes.  It didn’t work well for any of those jobs.  My recommendation for you is, “Do not buy a small home steam cleaner” 


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