Friday, June 17, 2005

Called Thorely Header Company

In preparation for the "fight" with the shop on this dipstick problem, I called the Thorley company. They said the dip stick installation was a no brainer and easy to do. "Come on down and we will do it for you". Well, they are 2–3 hours away in good traffic.

Monday we go to the shop and hopefully get this problem solved. Thorley said it was a 15 minute job. The shop here said they would evaluate it and it could take a couple hours.

Sharon and I will both go to get this problem fixed and then we will drive up the coast another 5 miles and spend the day at the beach. I was going to camp overnight at Emma Woods State Campground, but we have my son coming the next day and we want to be there when he arrives. My son and his wife are going to a concert near here and we are going to baby-sit our granddaughter, Jessica.

We are only seeing one or two bees flying around. I wonder if we have finally solved our bee problem. Of course I have thought it was solved before.

As I have been working in the warehouse for 6 hours each day, I have formed a plan in my mind. At the point we have gone through all the boxes I could just load them all in a truck or two and put them in a $100 or $150 storage unit. Store all of our stuff and them scrap the electronics in the warehouse. It is conceivable that we could REALLY make it out of hear on our target date of January 1, 2007

I do not want to rush our full-timing date. We have other things to get in place, such as our income. Even that is gelling in my mind more. I know the vehicle, websites that generates income through advertising and affiliate programs. This is the area I need to concentrate on more and implement the ideas I have learned. The answers are forming in my mind and I am getting clearer and clearer on our outcome every day.

Would you like to go full-timing in an RV?  Now is the time to start thinking about it.  The more you think about it, the easier it is to see answers that you did not think of before.  Like our idea of storing stuff to get out of here.  $150 extra “rent” a month is a lot less then warehouse rent of $2100 a month.  Look for your own answers. Think and talk about full-timing daily.  Your answers are there if you look for them.  However, do not be surprised by your answers.  Maybe full-timing is not really for you, but 1/2 or 1/4 of each year traveling might make sense.


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