Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day --- Is This Really A Holiday

Here I am at the computer ready to work on taxes.  It sure does not feel like a holiday to me.  Oh well, I had my 6 days off in San Diego last week, so I can not complain.

Only 5 miles on the exercise machine today, HOWEVER when I stepped on the scale I was at 226.5.  I really should start actually watching what I am eating.  Maybe even give up the beer for a while.  I’ll bet I  could be under 200 in three months.  That is rather exciting.  I think that bike trail I wrote about yesterday would be easy if I can keep this program going for a couple years.

Join me.  Make a decision to start doing a little more to become more fit and healthy.  Maybe just a walk around the block after dinner to start.  Can you imagine what you might accomplish with just little changes in your life.  You do not have to make huge or radical changes. Just begin with small changes and as they become habit, make more and slightly bigger changes. 

OK, it is not a holiday for me, but last night and tonight we are having BBQ’ed steak.  We pull the gas BBQ out of the Bounder and eat dinner, as usual, in the Bounder.  Remember we eat every dinner in the motorhome. It is now our primary refrigerator. The other one is the tiny office fridge here in the warehouse. We are really getting mentally prepared for full-timing. 

Do you live in a big or even medium sized city?  Do you have many shootings?  We had someone shot about 2–3 blocks from here last night. It occurred one street over.  We have a heavy gang presence here.  There was a shooting about a year ago 2–3 blocks up on the same street in the other direction.   YIKES!! Maybe we should get going and plan on full-timing sooner.  I wish we could get that figured out.  MAYBE!



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