Saturday, July 09, 2005

Trying To Figure Out Business Priorities

Sharon and I are trying to get our priorities straightened out.  What is really the best use of our time each day and how much time should be dedicated to each task we need to do.  Because we have been complacent and have not done things for years, they have piled up on us.  We are making good progress in the warehouse in some ways and none in other ways.  We are getting organized, but are not getting rid of that much stuff.

The decision to go full-timing is one of the best we have made lately.  It has made us look more closely at our situation and all of the stuff we have.  It has told us that we have to do something and it has to be massive action to be able achieve this traveling goal. 

We got a suggestion from another Bob to install a router to solve our two computer connection problem.  He must have been reading my mind because I had pulled out a router I bought a few months ago and was getting ready to install it.  It will be nice to be back to the point Sharon and I can both be on our computers at the same time.

Tuesday of next week is day camping at the beach day.  There is a nice place just south of Thornhill Broom campground that has good beach access.  I think we will spend most of the day there.  A place we usually go is an overlook with about 20 feet drop climbing down rocks to get to the beach.  Each place is good in its own way.

Our motorhome front window curtain has water stains on it.  Sharon bought a four panel set of home window drapes at a thrift store.  She will cut them to length and hem them and we will have what looks like new “drapes” for the front window.   Camping World wanted $100 for curtains, these cost $13 and a little work.



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