Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter This Weekend

I forgot it was Easter this weekend.  My son’s wife called and asked if we wanted to spend the weekend at their home in Bear Valley Springs, California.  This is the gated community I have talked to you about in the past.  It is where we went on our very first overnighter in the Bounder.  They  have a campground within the community.

Taking off the time for a visit may mean not going camping next week.  We will have to think about it more.  I know, THINK SUSAN, however we also have to think about making an income.  Normally we work 7 days a week.  OK, not quite true. We take off and go camping when we want.  We go to the beach  or somewhere.  The thing is when we do not have an activity going, we are here at the warehouse with the computers going trying to make a living.

Luckily our work is not the same as having a “real job”.  I almost never have a time that I dread going to work.  I do not hate long hours (overtime).  I do not look forward to Fridays or dread Mondays.  It is all good for Sharon and I. 

Taxes are still my number one priority this week. Mine are very simple, however I keep putting off getting them done.  I should have them completed today.  They are easy.  I use Turbo Tax which makes it easier.  I just resist doing taxes.  Are any of you that way too? 

Sharon checked our after market repair manual and says that replacing the speedometer gear is a simple job.  That is the same thing I was told at the rally this weekend.  Of course, those are “famous last words” if I ever hear any.  Simple jobs often take on a life of their own.  A rusted bolt or some other inconvenience can turn a 30 minute job into an all day long fiasco.



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