Sunday, March 20, 2005

Mar 20, '05 Happy First Day Of Spring

Happy First Day Of Spring!! Today is a bright and sunny day after a couple days of rain. I like the weather, whatever it is. Since I do not have to get out in it often, it really does not matter much what it is. Even camping in the rain like we did at the last Lake San Antonio rally was fun.

There are two new pages on the site. One is on conserving water, especially when boondocking. It has a number of ideas you may not have thought of in the past. The other is an article on sleeping bags. Yes, you can use sleeping bags in your RV, even the big Class A diesel pushers. The articles are:
Conserving Water
Sleeping Bags

It is only 3 more weeks until the next rally we will attend. It is at San Dimas, California, which is near the Pomona Fairgrounds. I really look forward to each rally. You can not meet nicer people and you will have fun.

GET RICH SLOW! I have been telling you about making money on the internet. It is not a get rich fast scheme, more like get rich slow. We started getting serious about this money making project in January. This month's income looks like it will be about $170 to $200 based on the earnings so far this month. This is only passive income generated from website advertisers who advertise on our sites. This does not include any Ebay income.

Of course we have less than 100 pages online in 4 different websites. To be successful each site should have over 100 pages of useful or interesting content. Once you begin this process the income continues as long as a website is online.

Sharon and I plan to go full-timing in two years. Jan 1 of 2007. Imagine how much we can create in that time if this is what we have done so far.

Can you see yourself making extra income by typing at your computer? A little extra to help with fuel and camping fees? A bit more for your maintenance and other expenses? How about a living wage that will secure your income while full-timing?

Stay tuned to our website and this blog. I am still studying over $2000 in internet "guru" materials I have purchased to learn this process. These are different programs with slightly different ideas on what it takes to make an income on the web. As I find the answers, I will share them with you. The great thing is you do not need to know anything to do this other than how to type an essay at least at the 9th grade level.

I told you before, you can download a free manual on how to do it all. The manual is complete and tells you everything you need to know. It is where I started to get serious. I read that manual. Of course, I bought into the program they are advertising. It is excellent for those starting out who know nothing about creating websites. With the manual ONLY and no other investment -- not buying into their program -- you can start making money on the internet. Get the manual at: Free Website Builder Manual

Remember, I am going sort of slow at this. Could you go faster? Could you write more than I do? This internet income idea is a numbers game. The more quality pages you write, the more income you can generate. I think my RV Living Magazine pages are quality pages. I am not so sure I would call my blog pages "quality". These pages are just my daily ramblings.

Tomorrow I am going to show you what a "MILLION DOLLAR" site looks likes. A site that earned the creator over $1,000,000 in one year. Could you do it too? Who knows. I do know you could make a few hundred dollars a month extra. My current target is $3000 a month from passive income from my sites.


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