Saturday, August 20, 2005

I Am Getting On A Roll

I’m getting on a roll and I don’t mean around my middle.  That roll is slowly going away.  I am starting to get back on track toward making a better living and getting ready to go full-timing.  Those two go hand in hand.  I can’t full-time without the income to support us.  This is a slow process for us.  We are not organized in any area of our lives and when we start getting organized, it is evidence real progress for us. 

We were over at the harbor today and they are having an RV show in the parking lot.  We have a 1988 Bounder with no slides.  We were looking at a lot of motorhomes with 2 to 4 slides.  They sure give you a lot more room.  Sharon loved the newer look to the furniture and some of the soft leather seats.  One we liked was a 2005 for only $210,000. That is only $200,000 more than our Bounder.  We are going to wait before we upgrade.

It is amazing what they have available  in RV’s these days. It doesn’t matter which style, Class A, Class C, Class B, Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel Trailer, all of them are wonderful to think about owning.  The dealers should give out posters to hang on the wall so you can go home and dream and plan on your next purchase.

The cargo carrying capacity of some of the coaches we looked at was over 5000 pounds.  We have decided 4000 will be a very minimum CCC for our next motorhome, but more would be a lot better.  Usually this means a diesel pusher, but a few gassers have decent carrying capacity.  We will see when we actually are ready to go shopping.

Today or tomorrow we will get the brake pads for the rear brakes on the Bounder and hopefully get them installed next week.  The only thing I need to do make the decision it is going to happen.



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