Monday, February 06, 2006

Camping Again In 2 Weeks

We will be camping again in two weeks. Actually eleven more days and we will be at Lake San Antonio for the SAL Rally. SAL = Lake San Antonio rather mixed up a little. As I have told you a number of times, rallies are a lot of fun when they are small 10 to 50 rig get-togethers. Some people think of national rallies with thousands of people. When I talk about rallies, it is always the small camping groups.

The Bounder is still dieseling. If I put it in gear before turning off the engine, it does not diesel. I need to research this and see if it is something I can fix or if it is something I need to take into a repair shop and have looked at.

Naturally, now that the weekend is over, the weather is back to clear sunny skies. The fog and overcast we had while camping is gone. Our camping weather was not bad; it just was not good by most people’s standards. I was in short sleeves most of the time and even the fog was pretty hanging on the hills.

When we filled up on propane Friday morning, it was the most we had ever needed 17.5 gallons and cost $1.95 a gallon. We normally fill our tank with about 14 gallons once a month. The refrigerator is always on and running on propane. We cook dinner in the motorhome daily. The heater is on in the evening while Sharon cooks and cleans up after dinner.

I forget if I told you we are going to see a taping of the TV show, "REBA" tomorrow night. I won tickets for that show and a Terri Clark concert a few nights ago. Terri is a country singer. We saw her last year at our county fair and she puts on a good show. We also saw her last year at another concert venue.

All of the concerts we see are free. They either are won on the radio or are part of the admission price to our local county fair. We have been to many concerts for free.


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