Monday, February 26, 2007

On Track

Getting back on track takes concentrated effort. We were going to move out of our rental house. We had given our 30 day notice. We changed our mind and decided to stay. The landlord is OK with that and wants us there to pay the rent until the place sells.

Camping is still a ways off as we have to get the shimmy in the motorhome repaired. Not a shimmy, but a violent and dangerous shaking. That has to be looked into, but is not in our current budget.

Working has been on a hold for over a week. Not intentional hold, but induced by lethargy and.......??? TODAY, Sharon and I have decided it is time to get back on track and get on with our lives.

It would not be all that hard to turn everything around so we are on top of the world again. It is a matter of attitude. Change our attitudes and change our lives. It sounds too simple and really it is, but at the same time a real challenge. We have always been up to challenges, so we need to focus and work our way through this one. So far so good,starting today, "we will.....until............"


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